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At the manager’s request, Schultzberg did two more shows with the band in Paris after the US tour, the last of which was a performance on “Nulle Part Aillleurs.” Molko has said that he was "tired of being the focus of Robert’s rages against the world".While Schultzberg was with the band, several early works were recorded including their first 7" single "Bruise Pristine", the "Come Home" EP, the single version of "Nancy Boy" with B-sides "Slackerbitch", "Miss Moneypenny", "Bigmouth Strikes Again" and their eponymous Placebo.In 1998, Q Magazine readers voted it as the 87th greatest album of all time.The band remastered and reissued the album on 18 September 2006 for its tenth anniversary. The band initially let him go in September 1995, but he was rehired to record the first seven inch single "Bruise Pristine".At the time, Olsdal was taking guitar lessons and was on his way home, when he met Molko at the South Kensington tube station.

Placebo was formed by Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal in 1993.He resembled a beautiful serpent, delicate and quiet, yet ready to spray his venom at any given moment.“I love you,” said David under his breath, to the figure on stage. This one would be swept off his feet like they always were, and say it back, and that would be that.Molko had some experience playing with Steve Hewitt, making Hewitt the ideal choice for drummer (the two were introduced by Hewitt's ex-girlfriend in 1991 outside of Burger King).But because Hewitt had prior commitments to the London band Breed, he only had time to play on occasional demos with Molko and Olsdal.

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Brian's dark curls were splayed below his head, his shiny lip gloss illuminating in the faint light that the bedside light provided.

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