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A stub is an entry that did not yet receive substantial attention from editors, and as such does not yet contain enough information to be considered a real article.In other words, it is a short or insufficient piece of information and requires additions. It should centralize software discussed in rich internet applications, virtual office, social software, e-learning 2.0, personal learning environments etc.Also, this list may include on-line tools that are not really "web 2.0", e.g. Welcome to the Wikiversity learning project Web 2.0.Participants explore tools for accessing, evaluating, transforming and creating internet content, including media such as digital audio and video, while actively participating in multiple course-related social networks.Web 2.0 is, by design, immersive, interactive, and collaborative. In other words, to really increase your knowledge regarding Web 2.0, you must personally use and utilize Web 2.0 tools and services.Some of these services are free (powered by advertising), while others cost subscription fees ranging from 5 dollars per month to 5000 dollars per year.

some light-weight web 2.0 applications and information feeds are described apart). some background information in the web technology tutorials series that explain how to create (a) web sites with online services and that (b) may include other services as widgets.' Web 2.0' is a technoculture term that was coined in 2004.The moniker was born at an O' Reilly Media conference and describes that the World Wide Web has now evolved into a provider of online software services."Web 2.0 is both a usage and a technology paradigm.It is a collection of technologies, business strategies, and social trends.

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