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I don’t know when will I say enough is enough because it’s not a career to me.Most of us brought out the tissues when Jennifer Lopez's character in Maid in Manhattan ended up with her rich prince charming who saved her from being a maid.The Sowetan never was a free sheet as it was never published before this date.The name was registered at the time with the intention to publish at a rather huge cost.It was one of more titles registered as a backup at the time.Sales in the beginning were slow because people wrongly assumed that The Sowetan had only news from Soweto.

But is dating as easy as the movies make us believe?

This is after the City Press newspaper reported that her department is more than R4.3 billion in debt and unable to complete crucial projects or pay contractors.

The department denied these rumours declaring that it still had 'sufficient funding until the end of the financial year'.

We remain who we are with our own lifestyle, we refuse to be celebrities because of political office because we know politics are dirty. Once I go in there, I take off my shoes and I become Nomvula the wife and a friend.

He smokes his cigar, he watches his golf, I watch my own movies and we have our grandchildren.

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