Sex in the decameron

The physical fortress of the convent emphasizes secrecy.

The archways placed around the perimeter of the convent symbolize a confessional.

At once, the son saw a beautiful young woman, and asked his father "what are they called?

These signify protection from the evils of society's sin (sexuality).

As Nuto told Masetto: “ God have better built sound of loins” (Boccacco 166).

As a deaf mute, Masetto could not possibly be viewed as a threat to the convent.

The moral of the Third Day, First Story –- that the desire to explore human sexuality is natural and should not be repressed-- is further illustrated in another passage of “ The Decameron.” Boccaccio uses the illustration of a father who kept his son living in the hills so that his carnal desires would never be awakened.

One day the father took his son on a trip to the city.

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