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Unmarried women, or women that kept their names can be addressed as Ms. (I’m calling the rule change as official.) In general, however, you probably don’t want to mention anything about gifts on the wedding invitation.

Married women who changed their name can be addressed as Mrs. You want people there because you love them, not because you want a soupspoon, so don’t muddle the message.

(And trust me, nobody will forget about the wedding because you sent them a little early.) There is this false idea floating around out there that if you’re having a formal wedding, and sending formal invitations, that you have to use traditional honorifics…

even if they’re not the honorifics the person in question uses.

She told Good Housekeeping: 'The Duchess of Cambridge is known to be an excellent hostess.'She loves to cook, host and is known to personally serve her guests.

While she may love to throw a party, Catherine also must be the perfect guest, as she attends many parties annually, personally and professionally, and spends long weekends with the royal family or Christmas lunch as a guest of the Queen at the Sandringham Estate.'To be able to imitate Her Royal Highness, follow some of Myka's top tips to ensuring you are the perfect hostess: Make sure to send a proper invite when you have a party, rather than texting or telling people in person.

Myka told the publication: 'If you have nine guests, you should serve a selection of at least three foods.' A vegetarian option should be included and they should always be small enough so that guests can eat them in one bite.

To avoid heating the liquid in your glass, make sure to always hold your wine glass by the stem.

Or, of course, you can send out cute note cards or magnets or whatever creative trinket your heart desires. Here is one word of warning about save-the-dates: if you send them out way in advance, and your ideas about the wedding change, you may well be stuck with the guest list you’ve got.So here is the hard and fast rule: you should address people by the names they actually use. (…And that’s why we need feminism.) While it can be fun to get visually creative with your wedding invitations, you don’t want to get creative with communicating the information, because well, you want people to come.If you want a deep dive on smart and proper (kinda feminist) wedding invitation wording, you can check out the #APWplanner. While we’ve gone in depth on wedding invitation wording in the past, the real key is just to remember to legibly communicate who, what, where, and when.There are a lot of emotions involved in weddings, and wedding invitation etiquette is at the top of the list.So the more you can boil things down to simple emotionless guidelines, the better.

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But the real truth is lots of folks won’t make travel arrangements until they get an honest-to-God invite.

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