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Deep-lying tensions between Kosovo and Serbia have erupted in a furious row after a Serbian train, emblazoned with patriotic graffiti, was blocked from crossing the border.

Serbia accused its neighbour, which gained independence after a bloody war in 2008, of plotting to blow up the train track in a bid to stop the route and of wanting to "provoke a full-scale conflict".

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Kosovan police said they had checked the railway and found no explosives.

"This was an ambition to provoke a conflict, to start a wider conflict in this territory that we consider as ours," Mr Vucic said.

A POP star dubbed “Serbia’s sexiest singer” sent fans into a frenzy when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction live on stage.

"It was my decision to stop the train in Raska to preserve the freedom and lives of our people, to prevent a wider conflict and show that we want peace." “We sent a train, not a tank”, he added.

Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic said his country would defend “every inch of its territory” and accused Kosovan Albanians of provoking “war”.

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