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Notable among its activities was the group's decision to volunteer for service in the German army, which Frank Shurman did in 1935; admission to the army was consequently refused several months later due to his non-Aryan status.In May 1938 the Gestapo confiscated the files of Willy Schürmann's firm. In August 1938, Frank Shurman met Agusta Rahr ("Dotty") Hamilton, by way of a friend of the family.His obituary and curriculum vitae in Series I also mention this award.Several folders of correspondence from Series II document Shurman's reconciliation efforts.Primary among these is the folder of correspondence mentioning the awarding of the .The folder of letters from the Army Service Forces contains letters from commanding officers commending Shurman on his fairness in his work with POWs.

The correspondence between Gerhard Löffler and Frank Shurman (Series II and Series IV) also mentions this time period.In 1945 he married Margery Moses, who was at that time serving in the U. In 1976 Germany awarded Frank Shurman the (Federal Cross of Merit, First Class) for his work in helping to rebuild post-war Germany.Frank Shurman returned to Germany nine times after his immigration, including in 1988, when he participated in the fiftieth anniversary of Kristallnacht in Hildesheim. Return to the Top of Page This collection documents the life and memorable experiences of Frank M. The papers of this collection are largely comprised of personal correspondence, but additionally include clippings, notes, unpublished manuscripts of Frank Shurman's writing, official and legal papers, and a handful of photographs of friends or family members.This collection documents the life and significant experiences of Frank M. Prominent themes in this collection are his work for the United States military during World War II, his and his family's experiences in Nazi Germany, and his membership in the .The collection consists of a large amount of correspondence as well as clippings, audiocassettes, publications, scrapbooks, official papers, notes, and a few photographs of friends or family members.

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