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Street thieves can open your backpack and remove its contents without you ever knowing it if you keep it on your back.Wallets should not be carried in the hip pocket of your pants for the same reason, if at all possible carry it in the front pocket or use a moneybelt.On 17 December 2013 he signed for Fortaleza and played 11 games in 2014 Campeonato Cearense.In the second half of 2014 he played 5 times for Madureira in 2014 Campeonato Brasileiro Série C, but on 2 September he signed for Uberaba in 2014 Campeonato Mineiro Módulo II. By 8 February he was playing for Parauapebas in 2015 Campeonato Paraense, making a total of nine appearances.Follow the advice below and I´m sure you will, like me, be able to say 10 years from now that you too have never had a problem with crime and violence.SAFETY TIPSLearn and use only the Portuguese language in public... Some people see foreigners either as hated invaders while others see them as easy marks.In most places if you speak Portuguese you will generally not get quoted the higher (exploitative) prices everyone here has for foreign tourists, Dress down / Dress Brazilian - shorts (baggies), sandals or flip-flops, T-shirts, tank tops, etc. Do not wear expensive watches or other jewelry; don't carry expensive cameras out in the open.

Never take your wallet out and count your money in public, which is inviting trouble.You also may want to carry a "dummy wallet", one that contains copies of documents and a very small amount of cash, if someone wants to try and rob you turn over the "dummy" immediately and never resist.(Please try not to laugh too hard as the thief runs off with a couple of Brazilan Reais and a bunch of photocopies).I’ve lost count of the many times I have seen postings asking about crime, violence and security here in I am submitting this posting in order to answer the questions that many of you seem to have and hopefully allay many of your fears by giving practical tips and information on how to stay safe.

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Despite the fact that it is the fourth largest city in the world and largest in South America it is certainly nowhere near as bad as the situation in Rio de Janeiro.

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