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When you edit your CMake file, you are recommended to delete your project and reimport it.

In-source builds are fully supported by the Eclipse project generator. cvs and svn, but for them to work, the project files must be at the root of the source tree. The only way to get version control for your project in Eclipse is to have a separate project in the source tree for this purpose.

On Linux, these libraries may exist in the bin subdirectory under the ITK Root Directory with a ".a" extension.

Just be sure to clear the console occasionally with the button in the Console view to avoid chewing up extra memory.

Be sure to have a proper CMake file in the src directory.

For instance, if you get an error such as Undefined Reference when you import into Eclipse, make sure you have the TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES set correctly.

Eclipse has advanced support for editing C/C sources, including code navigation, autocompletion etc.

For that to work the sources must be inside the project (the additional source-project from above is not inside the project).

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