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Despite condemnation by the Catholic Church, her cult has become prominent in the 2000s and 2010s, as a continuation of the Aztec goddess of death Mictecacihuatl or Mictlancihuatl (Nahuatl for "Lady of the Dead") clad according to Spanish iconography.

They would be dressed up as royalty with scepters and crowns, and be seated on thrones to symbolize the triumph of death.

Skeletons were put in extravagant dresses with braids in their hair, altering the image of Posada's original La Catrina.

As opposed to being the political message Posada intended, the skeletons of equality became skeletal images which were appealing to tourists and the national folkloric Mexican identity.

Santa Muerte has similar male counterparts in the Americas, such as the skeletal folk saints San La Muerte of Paraguay and Rey Pascual of Guatemala.

The deity's Spanish name, Santa Muerte, can be translated into English as either "Sacred Death" or "Holy Death", although religious studies scholar R.

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The image of the skeleton and the Day of the Dead ritual that used to be held underground became commercialized and domesticated.

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