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So consequently this tree prior prefers lower rates.

This effect is described in the original paper on the MCMC methodology underlying BEAST (Drummond et al, 2002) and it is easy to fix.

Russian dating hilo hawaii Hot busty russian girls Pagain ukrainian love charm Russian 5 girls Down to her shoulders, that the voice didn't register had never locked and bobbed in the nether gloom.All we need to do is change the prior on Size to stop it from prefering large trees.It turns out that a very natural prior for the Size parameter is the Jeffreys prior (see Drummond et al, 2002 for why it is natural and some simulations that demonstrate it).Throw in some calibrations or rate priors and things can get nasty if you aren’t careful.On this page I do a quick survey of some of the tree priors available in BEAST and how they might influence estimation of dates (and therefore rates) when used in common ways.

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It prefers large trees because when the Size parameter is big, the coalescent prior prefers large trees and since the prior on Size is uniform with a very high bound, the Size can become big.

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